Cornerstone Dinner - 5 December 2023

MAIN EVENT: As is the tradition, the Cornerstone Dinner for Young Professionals is taking place on the evening of the European Prayer Breakfast (EPB) – Wednesday, 6 December 2023 at 19.00 CET at Thon Hotel EU. The Cornerstone Network invites all young professionals (under 40) attending the EPB to join the Cornerstone Dinner 2023, meet like-minded friends from Brussels, hear and connect with interesting speakers, enjoy music, and discuss what we learn from the example of Jesus in our personal and professional lives. 
Established professionals (40+) are welcome to participate in the dinner as mentors, as well as they are encouraged to consider sponsoring participation of emerging professionals who are in financial need. Please see detailed information on the registration page.  
SIDE EVENT: Cornerstone Network is hosting an informal Meet&Greet on late afternoon of Tuesday – 5 December 2023, the day before the European Prayer Breakfast and the Cornerstone Dinner. More information will be shared with the registrants of the Cornerstone Dinner. If you cannot join the dinner but want to be at the Meet&Greet, send an email to

Ambassadors Breakfast - 5 December 2023

The Ambassadors Breakfast promises to be more than just a meal; it’s an occasion to nurture unity, share mutual respect, and pave the way for collective spiritual growth. As leaders and representatives gather in the tranquil surroundings of Rixensart Castle, the hope is to carry forward the spirit of unity and collaboration into the European Prayer Breakfast and beyond.

Business Leader Lunch - 5 December 2023

The Business Leader Luncheon, inspired by the teachings of Jesus, serves as a pivotal gathering for thought leadership, innovative thinking, and strategic collaboration based on Christian principles. As industry frontrunners converge in the heart of Brussels, their primary focus remains: to fortify the European business landscape through sustainable growth strategies, ethical leadership practices, and transcontinental partnerships, all grounded in Christ’s message of unity and love. Amidst this professional gathering, there is a palpable ambition to usher in a new era of entrepreneurial spirit and mutual growth, all while upholding Jesus’ teachings of service and community building.

Special Dinner Organised under the auspices of Sweden - 6 December 2023

This exclusive assembly, hosted under the auspices of Sweden and deeply rooted in Christian traditions, presents a curated experience of Swedish cultural and diplomatic traditions infused with the message of Jesus. More than just an event, it offers an immersion into the very ethos of Sweden’s global and regional contributions, harmoniously intertwined with Christ’s teachings. As esteemed guests from Europe convene, the gathering underscores Sweden’s pivotal role in promoting mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation within the European community. The evening aims to epitomize ‘lagom’ – the Swedish philosophy of balanced living – while extending its principles and the teachings of Jesus to European diplomatic and business relations.